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The SlipStream is a surf style board that's great for beginner to intermediate riders. The rocker is designed to be forgiving and resist nose diving without sacrificing down-the-line speed. The full outline provides stability and transitions to a rounded tail that lets you pivot and break loose for snaps, spins and airs. A tucked rail edge offers the perfect balance between hold and release on the wake.

The quad fin setup allows you to fine-tune your riding experience. The Futures F4 front fins coupled with Futures "middle finger" rear fins offers a great platform for beginner riders, with plenty of drive and tracking to keep you in the pocket. Remove the rear fins and you have a looser twin-fin setup suitable for intermediate riders that love 360s and other rotation oriented tricks.

Pictures shown are of stock board graphics. Order a Custom today to personalize the look of your own unique board!

Multiple color options are available for our board graphics.


  • 4 ft 6 in x 20 in x 2 in
  • 25L Volume
  • Works best with riders up to 200lbs*

*Weight recommendations are only a general guide and vary according to rider ability level, height, and wake size.


  • EPS Foam Core
  • Epoxy Resin and Fiberglass Construction
  • Futures ILT Finboxes
  • Futures F4 Thermotech Front Fins
  • Futures "Middle Finger" Rear Fins
  • Premium Agenda Surf Traction Pads

ALL of our boards are proudly made here in Austin, TX using raw materials sourced ONLY from the USA.

    Category: Surf Style

    Type: Wakesurf Board

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